Social Distancing with my PEEPS!

Easter this year might look at little different for all of us, but it doesn’t mean we can’t make it memorable for our little bunnies! My boys have been counting down the days until Easter and I’m with them. It seems like one thing we can look forward to during this time of quarantine. This year we will be doing an Easter egg hunt outside, but I thought it would be fun for the kids to go on a scavenger hunt looking for their easter baskets. Similar to our Saint Patrick’s day scavenger hunt, I’ll put clues around the house and the kids will search for their Easter loot! If you want to join us, but not in the mood to create your own clues, here is a free printable and directions for the hunt!

Print out the clue and put them out the night before Easter and wake up to a fun surprise from the Easter bunny.

Directions for the hunt:

  • Place the note from the bunny on the coffee table or somewhere you want the kids to start out. This one gives the directions for the hunt and has the first clue.
  • Place the second clue where their dad has his shoes
  • Place the following clue in or around the fridge
  • Place the next clue under their pillow on their bed (This might be tricky if they are sleeping, but put your ninja skills to good use!)
  • Place the next clue under the dinning room table or one of their chairs
  • Place the following clue at the front door
  • Place the next clue in their dirty clothes hamper
  • Place the following clue on or by a window which will take them to the last clue
  • The last clue will take them to their basket of treat, which is inside a closet of your choice!

Hope this scavenger hunt puts a smile on you and your kids faces along with a fun memory of Easter shelter in place! From my house to yours, I wish you all a Happy and fun filled Easter! Enjoy and stay safe out there! Like always, if you use this activity, tag me on instagram @stayathomecircus. I can’t wait to see!

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