Teacher Gifts

I can’t believe its already the end of the school year. I am so ready for beach days, warm evenings and family BBQs. But before I get into my summer mode, I’ve have to put together end of the year gifts for my son’s teachers. I searched the web for fun, thoughtful and easy gifts and came up with a small list here. So if you are looking for an easy and thoughtful gift idea, check these out. Here are my 5 top favorite ideas and printable tags to go along with them.

Pedicure in a Jar

Find a mason jar or any cute container and fill it with pedicure tools. Here are some things to add to the jar.

  1. nail polish
  2. cotton balls
  3. toe nail clippers
  4. nail file
  5. buffer
  6. foot scrb
  7. nail polish remover

Amazon giftcard

This one is pretty straight forward. Just buy a amazon gift card and tape it to this printable tag!

Movie Night!

Find a decorative popcorn bowl or any container to fill with things that would make a perfect movie night. Here is a list of ideas and a cute tag to add!

  1. microwavable popcorn
  2. candy bars
  3. redbox code or movie giftcard
  4. soda in glass bottles

Wine not?

This one is my favorite! Buy a nice bottle of wine, add a cute ribbon and this tag and you are set!

Beach Towel

Buy a beach towel and pair it with sunscreen or some cute sunnies and you have yourself a thoughtful and functional gift.

I hope you find these ideas useful. If you use any of these ideas or print out my tags, tag me on instagram (@stayathomecircus). I can’t wait to see!

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