Egg-tivities part 2

Here are the next 5 egg-tivities I did with my kiddos just in time for Easter. These are great activities to do while the kids are on spring break. My 4-year-old son requests almost everyday to do activities, so these ones were a hit!

Here is a list of things you need for these activities:

  1. large and small plastic easter eggs
  2. LED tea lights
  3. my beginning sound print outs
  4. plastic dinosaurs or any small plastic figurines
  5. flour
  6. baby oil or vegetable oil
  7. beeswax
  8. coconut oil
  9. essential oils
  10. empty egg carton

Glow in the dark eggs

Just grab some LED tea lights and big plastic eggs and you got yourself an Easter egg hunt that requires NO CANDY! This was fun to do both outside and inside. The first time we did it, I hid the eggs outside at night and the boys went looking for them. The next time we did it, I had to boys hide the eggs from each other in the house. It was fun to watch them run around searching for them in the dark!

Beginning sound egg hunt

This game was great for my 4-year-old since he recognizes all his letters and is now working on their sounds. I printed out some drawings of nouns and cut them out into cards. I linked this template so you can print out, or create your own noun cards. I had the cards turned over and I hid Easter eggs around the living room that had the letter that corresponded with the beginning sound of each noun on the card. We each took turns selecting a card and saying the noun and figuring out the beginning sound of that noun. Then we went around to find the Easter egg that had that beginning sound written on it. You can fill the Easter eggs with some candy or just leave them empty. Either way, the kids have fun finding the matching egg!

Dinos and moon sand

My little 2-year-old had a great time with this one. He played quietly outside for 20 minutes, filling the eggs with the sand and creating egg domes. I made moon sand for the first time. All I did was combine 4 cups of flour with 1/2 cup of baby oil. I also added lavender essential oil just to give it a nice smell. You can also add food coloring to make different color moon sand or even add glitter to make it shine. I had them play with it outside because it can get messy! Unlike regular sand, you can brush it off your hands easily. Add eggs and Dinos to the container and the kids will be entertained all morning!

Number matching

I decided on number matching because I wanted my 4 year old to review his numbers 1-10 and I want my 2 year old to try counting. I put the number at the top of one of the plastic eggs and dots at the bottom to represent the number. I took each egg apart and watched how they counted and put them back to gather. I had my two boys do this together, since it was a little tricky for my 2 year old and a little easy for my 4 year old. My 4 year old helped my little guy out and they worked together putting these together.

Lip balm eggs

This came to me when I was using my EOS lip balm and was almost done with it and I thought I should try and reuse the container because its a lot of plastic to waste. Then it donned on me that they look like plastic Easter eggs. So I thought I could make lip balm, store it in the plastic eggs and gift them to my friends and family. Then I can finally get some of these eggs out of my house without throwing them away! I used this recipe I found online that only used 4 ingredients. I made mine using 3 ingredients.

These are the 3 ingredients I used for the lip balm.

  1. beeswax (1/4 cups)
  2. coconut oil (1/4 cups)
  3. lavender essential oil (20 to 25 drops)
  4. This recipe filled 6 small plastic eggs

Then I followed the directions from the website I posted earlier. I poured the liquid in the 6 plastic eggs to the top and waited until it solidified. Dont forget to tape the bottom so the liquid doesn’t leak out of the little holes at the bottom of the eggs. I printed out the gift tags and they were ready to be gifted! My boys will be gifting these to their teachers and I will be gifting these to my friends and family.

I hope you find these ideas fun and helpful for spring break and the days leading up to Easter this year! I would love to see if you did any of these 10 activities with your little ones, so tag me on instagram (stayathomecircus). And if you used some of these ideas, but tweaked them to make them your own, I would love to see those too! Happy Easter everyone!

Egg-tivities Part 1

As I was getting my Easter decorations out from my garage, I came across a bag full of plastic Easter eggs. Truthfully, I can’t stand plastic Easter eggs! They are always hard to store away, I always have way too many and I always find some with candy still in them from the year before. (ummm, gross!). I was going to throw them away, but throwing all this plastic away seemed like such a waste. So instead I created 10 fun activities to do with the kids using these eggs. Here are my first 5 with printable templates. Now get out those annoying plastic eggs and join the fun!

Here is a list of things you need for these activities that can easily be found at Target or the Dollar Tree:

  1. Plastic easter eggs, big and small
  2. paint
  3. egg carton
  4. baking soda
  5. vinegar
  6. food coloring
  7. squeeze bottle
  8. printer paper

1. Stamp it out!

My kids love to paint, so this was a no brainer. I decided to use the plastic eggs as stamps instead of giving them paint brushes. I put out four colors, printed out the egg and chick template and let them do the rest. You could also make finger paint using the recipe from my previous St. Paddy’s day blog. After it was all dry, I cut out the egg and the chick and glued them together.

2. Erupting Eggs!

The baking soda and vinegar combo is always a hit in this house. We have done this so many times and it never seems gets old. I used an old egg carton to hold the plastic eggs. I first added the baking soda and then the food coloring to the plastic eggs. I had them do this outside since it can get a little messy. I gave one of my boys a spray bottle and the other a water bottle filled with vinegar. They used these to spray the baking soda eggs and create their erupting easter eggs!

3. Easter egg-sercize!

This one was by far the most fun and it helped get out all their wiggles and energy before bedtime. I created a printable template with different exercise moves for the kids to do. I printed them and cut them into strips. I put one paper strip in each eggs. Then we went outside and took turns choosing an egg, reading the strip of paper and doing the move. You can create your own moves or print out my list. So get out and move!

4. Rub a dub dub, Eggs in a tub!

This was so easy and the kids had so much fun with it. It’s also a great way to clean them up after stamping with them! Just fill a bubble bath, throw the eggs in and let the kids have fun filling and dumping water in and out of the eggs.

5. Alphabet Egg hunt

My little guy loves writing letters and numbers. So, I decided to create an alphabet game where he can trace letters that he finds in Easter eggs. This was a great activity that he could do on his own while I was getting dinner ready. He chose an egg and found a letter inside. Then he found that letter on the printout I created and traced it with a marker. I used magnetic letters I had from another activity, but the eggs can easily be filled with alphabet letters written on a piece of paper.

I hope you found these activities useful and fun. These would be great to do with them during their spring break when they come to you and tell you they are “sooooo bored”. I plan to do some of these activities on our camping trip this weekend! I will be adding 5 more activities on my next blog, so stay tuned. If you use any of these ideas, tag me on instagram (@stayathomecircus). I can’t wait to see!